Men Like That

Men Like That is the last How-To show you'll ever need. Join three good friends as they endeavor to teach the masses how to do everything in the whole, wide world.


Men Like That: Episode XX - The Tournament of Lies 2020

The year is 2020. This is the first episode of MLT in the new decade and this time we’re doing it right. There’s only one thing for us to do to mark the beginning of a new decade and that’s choose a new mascot. That’s right, we’re finally...


Men Like That: Episode XI - Southern Bear Hospitality

Absolutely no one was injured during the making of this podcast, but we were considering eating bear meat just to sort-of have an enriching life experience. Vin said he wouldn’t do it though which is kind of lame. I guess that’s why he’s considered


Men Like That: Episode X — Who?

This year's blockbuster smash "Yesterday" forces Men Like That to ask the question: "what if basically everything never existed?" - it's a pretty freakin' existential episode, guys.


Men Like That: Episode IX  - The Phantom Jeremy Renace

Over here at Men Like That we pride ourselves on having our fingers on the pulse of America. We know what sweets all our lil sweeties in the USA want to hear about and we know what Hurt Locker star turned music man you want to tap your feet to....


Men Like That: Episode VIII — The Last Gamer

Video games. They have been a cultural touchstone ever since Christopher Columbus murdered all those people then invented video games. Ole Chris loved the games so much, he named his boats, the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria, after the earliest...


Men Like That: Episode VII  -  Geoffery Q. Apple Strikes Back

Hi I’m Brandon and I’m going to write a blurb now. It’s September 2019 and it’s arguably the best season for apples in decades. Red Delicious and Fuji are having the comeback of a lifetime and Granny Smith is finding new ways to insert herself...


Men Like That: Episode IV - Return of the Chicago: Lost in New York

In the global war of cities, two heavyweight contenders consistently deliver the strongest blows. New York and Chicago, the Global City Competition rivals and champions. But on the eve of the strongest Global City War yet, which city is the citiest?...


Men Like That: Episode I - The Glass Blower

Hello and welcome to the first ever episode of Men Like That, a how to podcast that will teach you how to. Once again, this is the first episode we have ever done so I don’t know why you would question that? Episode 1 is for both children AND...