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Men Like That: Episode V, Part II - Sean Connery's Round, Commanding Head Shape

This is the 2nd part of Episode V

Can you believe me, Vin, did wrong by Joe and Brandon for a second week in a row? Sure, I'm entitled to my annual rest and relaxation but NOT at the expense of my podcasting cohorts and I knew that. But, alas, here we are ... again. I'm still the worst and maybe next week I'll be a better, truer version of myself - a version that doesn't abandon his duties; a version that is righteous but not pious - an all-powerful, perfect version of Vin Genova: the one my friends fell in love with. The real Vin. Me. Vin.


Men Like That: Episode V, Part I -  Imprisoned & Entrapped in 1940's Chi-Boat-le

It's a two parter.

Oh hey, my name’s Vin and I love to go on vacation, forcing my teammates, friends, and so on to do my work for me. It sure wasn’t rude of me to ditch everyone this week and, while I’m on the subject, I definitely took care of all of my tasks before heading out. I’m a good friend, excellent person, and outstanding podcaster. Thanks for listening to my podcast, Men Like That.